Monday, November 12, 2012

Team Next- Intro (NWO Mixtape)

Austin, Texas local artists of Team Next ---known separately as T.A., Youngin, Llyrik and Cease --- show their individual lyricism in the intro of their latest mixtape N.W.O. With an old school feeling of earlier times when rappers were called emcees and verses were filled with bars of black power and social issues instead of commercialism, each artists spits something unique within a symbolic video filled with message after message --- the burning confederate flag being my fav. Shot by Grind Life, the video itself is compilated well and fits the song like a snapback fits its purchaser. Not only does each artist spit their individual charisma, they each hold their own, confidently, in their own fashion styles.

Check it out for yourselves

The Dead Mule: Online Literary Magazine

At the beginning of October four of my poems were published to The Dead Mule online literary magazine. The Dead Mule was one of the first lit magazines I submitted for and they accepted all four. Follow the link below and you will find my name and poetry among many other skilled poets and writers. Be sure to read my Southern Legitimacy Statement as well, it's quite powerful and shows personal perspectives of the south.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spread the Word

"Jump, jump, jump around! Get up, get krunk and get down!"--that's right Jump On It is back and in full effect hitting the community with positive vengeance. For those too young to know and those who love to reminisce, Jump On It was the place to be in the 90s and early 2000s; every wednesday I can remember getting into my grandmother's green pontiac grand am, leaving that black mailbox with Turner written across it in the rearview mirror as we took the short trip from Colony Park Dr to Rosewood Park. So many faces, so many people enjoying life--meat on the grill, coolers full and ready, dominoes slamming, children playing, the base of music and sight of splashes being made in the pool from afar--enjoying commUNITY, enjoying togetherness.
As times changes so do circumstances and Jump On It Summer Concert Series had to take a hiatus. Charles "Nook" and others, with the help of donations and sponsors in the community, make it happen again and the free event kicks off today, Wednesday August 22nd.  Summer is ending, school will be beginning, work load will be adjusting so come out and enjoy the festivities. As not to be mistaken with any other concert Jump On It will be providing HIV Testing, voter registration booths, gospel acts and job resources with performances by Lil Troy, Tum Tum, Brian Angel of Day 26, Swisha House, Dorrough and DJ Michael "5k" Watts on the 1s and 2s. 
Wednesday, Aug. 22
3pm to 10pm
Lot and Field behind
Club Amnesia
14106 North IH-35
Donations can still be given at

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When I Read

When I read I read with patience, not because the act of reading is tedious, but for God to lift the words off the page needed to speak to my soul, my heart, my conscience. Eye enjoy the act of revelation; revealing epiphany --- yes Eye, as in The Third Eye; tap into the pages black gold. Increase energy, increase spirit, increase existence: that is what flipping through pages of knowledge does. Page for page, thought for thought, connections of the mind rapped around words unravels life’s lessons and society’s mistakes. I pull chairs away from tables and read under trees, lucky ladybugs surround me while walking bodies stare and laugh past, saying to themselves “a black girl reading a book? Under a tree? Admiring ladybugs? Where they do that at?” My soul is where they do that at. The marvel lies in the observation that while bodies walk past snickering others step forward and ask, “What are you doing? What are you reading?” ---in that moment Eye, yes Eye as in The Third Eye, get to share with them something they may not know.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Warmth of Other Suns

Rarely do we get a glimpse of our, black, history on an everyday scale. Rarely are we able to engross ourselves in a historical encounter that hold true to it's origin, but Isabel Wilkerson shows us it is still possible to inform, captivate and engage on a topic many thinks no longer exists: slavery, more mental than physical now, and the obstacles, the decisions many blacks make in trying to be free---unshackled. The Warmth of Other Suns takes you inside the lives of several individuals as they decide and begin their journey during The Great Migration. A pure page turner and enlightening read if you are into culture and black history.

Isabel Wilkerson is currently the Professor of Journalism and Director of Narrative Nonfiction at Boston University, holding the title of being the first black woman in american journalism to recieve a Pulitzer Prize for her dedication as Chicago Bureau Chief of The New York Times in 1994.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pop Art: Paul Baines

What can I say of Paul Baines? His artwork is bubbled with clever satire and humor that blasts your mind with creativity. The revolutionary way he expresses social change in some of his pieces is very cool. His technique reminds me of a few Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, and Jasper Johns pieces my eyes have come across--- a time of transition in the art culture. Pop art was on the rise and Paul Baines takes me back to that tremendous moment.  The color and effect techniques used in Baines piece “Fountains” is similar to the techniques of Warhol used to create these killer skateboards The Andy Warhol Foundation and Alien Workshop collaborated on in tribute to Andy Warhol.

 “Fountains” is my favorite at the moment by Paul Baines. The backdrop above the urinals gives me feelings of the chaos of life; the instant gratification in power, technology and consumerism that everyone witnesses. The difference in the men’s attire depicts different lives within society, as far as paths people end up on. The thing most noticeable to me, the thing that I love the most about this piece is the distance between the two men and the fact that one man is facing the chaos while the other has his back turned on it. In context to social issues today, those two details paint the picture that many youth witness on a day to day basis---everyone pissing on the same world, but those better off get the luxury of turning their back on the bullshit while others take it on head first.

Tattoo Parties

                 I fell in love with reading and writing from the beginning, sitting around creating stories to my surroundings ---poetry was born from that, but shortly after art became my mistress. Art wasn’t scared to go beyond the boundaries, there weren’t always lines to stay in; I could draw and write what I saw and I was amused by that. I don’t draw as often as I used to.  The creativity still runs as I find myself up drawing on timeless nights the visions behind my eyes of tattoos I want to get in life.

                Tattoos are a type of art; the body is the canvas and only a certain individual has the courage to be that canvas. Tats possess their own swag, “skin swag” I like to call it; a tattoo of the right spot can make a woman seductive, a man enticing. The universal and godly beauty of tattoos is the power they have to bring people from all likes together. A simple, “what’s your tattoo mean?” could become an intriguing conversation.

                I’ve never had the experience of attending a tattoo party but I’d imagine it being an epic atmosphere of creativity and fresh swag. I won’t have a chance to attend this one either, but if you’re in the Dallas area definitely check it out, with 3 LUCKY PEOPLE getting a CHANCE TO WIN A TATTOO!

Photo courtesy of @iKayKing

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Butter 'N Bacon Keeping Austin Weird

   Fashion is universal. Places have different symbolism and different execution of expression, but the umbrella it all stands under is fashion and the creativity in it. Zachery Stover sees the rich substance in creativity and I dig it at Butter N’ Bacon, a swagged out clothing and artwork boutique in Austin, Tx. As a poet I love random t-shirts with humorous logic to them and Butter N’ Bacon creates just those t-shirts. Connecting history and art, the Oscar Gamble Shirt caught my attention the most. The Greeting From Austin Shirt is a shirt I could rock any time of the day, pair it with some cute jeans during the day or a tight color blocking skirt for the night life. Still under construction I’ll be scoping Butter N” Bacon for sure. Most definitely a place to stop by if ever checking the Austin scene.
Photo courtesy of       

Ray "Rei" Alvarez: A Mural Master

               Since I was young I’ve always love art. I thank my art teacher Kerri Curtis for influencing me so much in elementary school, taking students to art museums, opening our minds to the world of art skill. My youth runs with me today as one of the things I still do is search for art and write my feelings on it. I don’t make it to many art gallery events as I would like, but it doesn’t stop me from discovering new artists.
            I was looking up some things on Gallery 77, a fresh art and clothing boutique, when I came across a blog article on a mural Rei Alvarez did on the walls of Gallery 77. The mural was dope; a contemporary portrayal of a longhorn, perfect for any Austin boutique.  Looking further I found out why the mural was so dope—not to be confused with any other artist Ray “Rei” Alvarez is an artistic genius with a retro vision incorporated in many of his works. Specializing in murals Alvarez has done many exclusive projects beyond the canvas. Forever a music junkie I love seeing music and art in one, his Pink Floyd themed backdrop for a party last august and the live painting session during Texas Relays 2011 took me back to high school track days.


A founder of All City Branding, Ray’s creative impulses and cultural wisdoms take him from his birthplace of Spain to the southern comforts of Texas. Best believe I’ll be on the lookout for new art pieces from Rei and other graffiti artists in affiliation. Check out to see Rei’s artwork exclusively.


Friday, June 22, 2012

6 Tips Before Marriage

6 Tips Before Marriage

If you want to marry learn to share control

You must like, respect and love yourself before you can share your life with someone else

If you have to justify why you are with them—he or she isn’t the one
Many try to ignore the red flags even though they are obviously there. This is one of them

Don’t sleep together before marriage
It’s a hard thing to do and I commend those who have the discipline to. For those who do sleep together before marriage, don’t beat yourself up about it everyone has free will and current traditions are different than the past. Be aware that sex can blind us at times thus absence of it could help make clear decisions for one big decision

Wait until late twenties or early thirties to get married
This allows time to get to know more about self. Yes in a committed relationship your spouse is supposed to build you help, but it is not their sole responsibility. You are your sole responsibility thus you have to put in the energy to become who you want to be to your best ability before getting married

Be able to support yourself and live by yourself before you commit to living with someone else for life

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Life Partner

Growth, self-awareness and maturity are vital before making a decision on a life mate. These vital phases take place from patience and time of being on your own, finding own identity and growing spiritually. Without these components you may find yourself in someone else’s drama. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a partner for the long haul.

1.       Are They Mature?
A mature person is willing to take responsibility without excuse so you have to ask yourself, is the person you are considering to live your life with willing or unwilling to be held accountable for their actions? An immature person will have an excuse for everything, taking no blame for anything. In the long run always having an excuse or never taking accountability can cause your spouse to wonder whether they are getting the truth or simply more excuses. The main reason for this behavior in an individual is the notion that “if what I do is seen as wrong then I won’t be loved,” a complex usually harbored from childhood where mistakes or mishaps were counteracted by ridicule, punishment, shame, no affection or isolation.

2.       Do They Have a Healthy Mindset?
Unhealthy people match with unhealthy people; healthy people match with healthy people. Most people know what happens when you put crabs in pot of hot water. For those that don’t I’ll explain---in any situation of survival there is a fight or flight response; when crabs are put in a pot of hot water they naturally try to reach up to get out, but what happens is the crabs below inevitably pull them down. There comes a time in some lives where they want to grow for the better, one unhealthy individual will always try to undermine the other’s attempt to get healthy because they don’t want to be alone. Still not seeing the big picture, huh? Look at it this way, two people crouch down, one stands, the other person can either stand or pull the other down---beware of the person who tries to pull you down.

Fear is the common force behind mismatched people in relationships---fear of another failed relationship, fear of not being able to sustain the pain or transition of change.

3.       Is It Love or Lust?
Love is not about infatuation or lust. Some think because they do so many crazy and irrational things over someone that they must really love that person---correction, you must really lust that person because those actions are related to infatuation and lust more than love itself. Lust is an irrational frame of mind; infatuation is the initial phase of genuinely liking someone: having butterflies when you see them, air being bittersweet, everything they do is seemingly perfect; there is an initial euphoria that takes place between two people upon early encounters. As time progresses and those feelings level out the work begins and for both involved it’s a turning point. A person in lust may leave because they see it as the feelings aren’t the same anymore, believing the overwhelming feelings from the beginning aren’t there anymore which isn’t necessarily the case. When one gets past the lust and infatuation stage love can grow as respect, awe, admiration and trust.

What do you think? What did you ask yourself before you decided someone was the one? What do you think a person should think about before deciding to spend their life with someone?

                photos courtesy of,

Shacking Up, Hooking Up and Courting---What's The DIfference?


      Remember when two hearts met somewhere within our crazy world and committed themselves to another in love and friendship without sex as the immediate focus, instead growing in intimacy and sensuality through flirtation and chivalry? You have to admire the individuals that still attempt it because in this day and age, as fulfilling as the journey is, courting is rare in the vocabulary of those pursuing a relationship yet many expect the elements of courtship in shacking and hooking up situations. Courting is for two people to get to know each other and discuss long term topics: spirituality, career plans, families functioning together and children. Most importantly, courting involves developing a friendship and understanding the true knowledge and nature of one another. One thing to note --- being able to understand someone’s true knowledge and nature requires that both individuals open up and express true knowledge, meaning disclosure has to take place, trust has to take place, patience has to take place.

Hook Ups

      A large number of girls and guys have experienced divorced households, domestic violence or bad break ups that have left detrimental effects on their definition of love and what a healthy relationship can be, bringing the value of love to the glass ceiling of immediately gratifying “loving” or “lustful” moments as the solution to dodging the heartbreak bullet. Truth is it doesn’t work as many see it to, outside of immediate gratification hooking up is having without truly giving; hooking up allows a person to have another, physically, without fully giving themselves over mentally; hooking up let’s a person enjoy pleasures of a relationship minus the effort it takes to get through rough patches.  Hence, the rule of thumb in this situation is usually no emotions or serious attachments. As laws of attraction would have it, someone inevitably wants more which isn’t surprising if one understands what an individual gets themselves into when hooking up. If you’re hooking up with someone consistently you begin to “micro-court” with them, getting small glimpses of long term topics, eventually wanting the things both agreed they wouldn’t give--- disclosure, trust and true knowledge.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Due to this dilemma, hook ups have a small window of opportunity to become something more and committing, but most times it becomes nothing more than what it is, an iffy road of confusion, frustration and uncertainty.

Shacking Up

      More and more people are opting to “shack up” or live together before marriage. On one end it’s a chance to truly see and experience building a life with someone and determining if both people are compatible for each other in the long run without taking that long leap. There are many pros and cons to living together before marriage, in addition to other factors like an individual’s beliefs on marriage versus commitment ceremony, shacking up can be beneficial in firsthand experience but if living together doesn’t work if can hinder the outlook on committed relationships. Those couples successful in living together before marriage tend to be more successful due to being secure in themselves as individuals and have figured out more of the ideals and goals they would like to establish, and their partner to establish, in a committed relationship.

What do you think? Are shacking up, hooking up and courting separate paths or phases towards one outcome?

Regardless the path you are on, looking for someone or single, in any situation I believe what it comes down to are the individuals involved. If two people truly want to be committed to each other the effort will come to produce the outcome sought after; patience is necessary in a relationship---take some battles with the ease of a summer’s breeze and others by their throats, but choose them wisely.

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Heading Out?

Tell me if this scenario sounds right---you’re getting a little older so your enjoyments are different, what you do in a club has changed, so you get grown woman dolled up or grown man fresh only to go to a shindig where girls are taking their heels off so they can “twerk” and dudes are amped up left and right ready to fight. Time and time again I’ve seen it and    I’m sure I’m not the only one too through with the stereotypical club scene experience.

Finally Famous Fridays

For those out on the town not sure where to go for a good time, Franco’s Lounge is the spot if you’re looking to kick back, enjoy some good drinks and groove like the grown folks you are with Dj Lousianimal bringing the tunes. Playing a little bit of everything, from all eras, don’t be surprised if Dj Louisianimal music takes you down memory lane on Finally Famous Fridays. With great drink specials and pizza served all night, COME OUT & ENJOY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Every Friday be part of Franco’s Dance Party Weekend
 “Finally Famous Fridays” with DJ Louisianimal

Photos courtesy of and DJ Louisianimal(find him on twitter @Dj_louisianimal)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Need Your Hair Done?--Braids? Locs? Twists? Natural Hair?

 Hall of Fame~House of Braids NOW OPEN!!!!!

Tired of damaging chemicals?

       Thinking about going natural?


 Already on a natural hair journey?

Want to try more hairstyles, but not sure what to do or where to go?

  Regardless the situation, Hall of Fame~House of Beauty is a shop specializing in braids, twists, locs, various natural hairstyles and hair care and sew-ins using NO CHEMICALS. Hall of Fame-House of Beauty also provides natural and organic body care products.

          With a neo soul vibe, Hall of Fame~House of Beauty is a mini retreat of relaxation and stress relief --- a home away from home--- as you get your hair done in an establishment of comfort and serenity. Come by, experience professional results in an environment of soul and enlightenment.
Hall of Fame~House of Beauty
6565 Babcock Road, suite 13
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 584-8406


photos courtesy of,,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

At Home Mani-Pedi Maintance

At Home Mani-Pedi Maintenance

Going to the nail shop can get costly sometimes. Outside of the money spent, sets and fills can be damaging to the nail itself. When my pockets need to take a break from nail shops I have a routine that help keep my nails and skin healthy and smooth.

1. Primp and Polish with Studio 35 4-Way Buffer

Even out, smooth, shine and buff nails all in one --- all the things you go to the nail shop for in the convenience of your home! A 4-way buffer is especially good for when you're taking off artificial nails or simply cutting down outgrown nails.

2. Exfoliate and Smoothen Out with Body Scrubs

I absolutely love body scrubs, even more so I absolutely love Body Shop Body Scrubs; Bath & Body Works has good scrubs, but their texture is different. After fixing the nails, quick and easy ways to tend to dry or rough skin are body scrubs.

Brazil Nut and Mango are my two choices for body scrubs. Within the context of manicure and pedicure, a small amount of body scrub on hands and feet will exfoliate and soften. If you have time or need a good moment of relaxation, make it a full spa treatment by indulging in a full body scrub before proceeding with your mani-pedi.

3. Soften Up with Body Butters

Lock in moisture with a body butter. Body butter soften the roughest skin and leaves a light hint of the many varieties it holds. Regardless of the misconceptions of hemp products there are many benefits to them. Hemp Body Butter is a natural antioxidant and sun blocker. Actual hemp seed oil itself resembles skin lipids, which are important in lubricating surfaces(i.e skin), alleviating skin conditions like acne and eczema.
 I switch back and forth between Hemp Body Butter and Almond Body Butter, at the moment into the Almond. Almond Body Butter makes the skin smooth and tender and prevents premature appearance of wrinkles. Whatever your pick your skin and nails will look as fresh as if you walked out of the nail shop.

4. Protect with Acrylic Top Coat

         Because nail polish done at home typically doesn't last as long as nail color done in a shop, Sally's Acrylic Top Coat clear polish is convenient and allows your nails to take a break but still look taken care of at the same time. Acrylic Top Coat helps at home pedicure nail color last weeks more than normal.

Mango Motherland (J-R Original)


photo from

Mango Motherland
Joycelyn Renette

Succulent and sweet am I, delectable to the taste; tender to the touch
Mango motherland ain't I, flavorsome in faith, mellow in maturity
Soft flesh, ripe of rich radiance in earthly substance
Mango---Queen of fruits. Feminity at it's finest, eat up. Be nourished
from the mango tree; center of longevity

Your counterpart is more than mere person. Counterpart is energy. The eyes
woken to shape the energy possessed. Essence of the ambrosial Goddess
the phenomenal woman, seeps deep into her King's veins
morning kisses and fire embraces, vibrant energy attracts vibrant energy, motivation attracts success, forever love attracts forever love. An uplifting foundation, sturdy tolerably than crumbling

Succulent and sweet am I
Mango Motherland ain't I, that which holds the origin
King and Queen meet at the mango tree
Foundationary, growing rooted and heartfelt among the days of rainfall. See love fall
washing over the surface of endearment drenching two souls in love of a plenary type

Sweet subtleties of the mango allure the soul beyond the bounds of fathom
Exquisiteness of divine vivacity
Intimacy of being in comfort, entices the soul of love once thought intangible

Her mango motherland moves mountains to the highest flight

5 Summer Fashion Must Haves

    1. Spice Things Up!!
Whether you're heading to the beach, socializing or going to a family function, any time is the perfect time to show your individuality. Accent pieces like hats and shades are the match for summer fun in the sun! Ladies can keep cool in a cute fedora and guys can hang tough in a snapback. Block the stares with a fresh pair of retro sunglasses.

Night out on the town? --- a one of a kind or bright colored watch adds sleek, sophistication sure to make you stand out or get chose( if that's what you're looking for).

    2. Peace & Love
The hippie and indie chick are in with floral and exotic prints to show!! Coordinate these pretty pastels and cherry blossoms with neutral tone colors to get the “mother nature” look many are going for. Guys don't feel excluded --- v-necks work well with most styles, but they work especially well for the cool, casual dude and wood stock guy. Throw on a pair of toms and you're good to go!!

Fellas, don't fear the pastel colors; step out of the box --- dare to be different!!

    3. Straight Out The Boombox

The 80s and 90s nostalgia isn't going away anytime soon. In the height of chaos, society dwells on moments of happier times. For the past few years there's been a rising interest and love for all things retro, all things old school: high top pants, high top shoes, “I am Nerd” glasses, skinny jeans and everything in between.

Keep these retro looks fresh by incorporating color blocking; matching an abstract pattern with a solid color from the pattern. Male or female you'll be sure to make a statement.
  1. 4. Blast From the Past

Think The Great Debaters meets Pleasantville--- vintage and scholarly with a snazzy, upbeat fashion sense. Three quarter blazers, button up shirts and blouses, with bow-ties and semi formal pants or shorts is a definite blast from the past. Show who you are by sporting a unique pair of kicks or flats. Great for a busy day; fit for school, work or dinner out. Andre 3000 comes to mind when thinking of someone who has perfected such an ensemble.

High waisted bottoms are a girls best friend for this particular style. A mixture of trends is seen in the Grease meets House party style --- think Tbirds meets Kid n Play, Pink ladies meet The Fly Girls, the point where 70s and 80s merge.

  1. Khakis! Khakis! Khakis!
Khaki pants and shorts are necessary all year round, but they are a must have for the summer. Khakis give any outfit a crisp look. For the male who dares to be different, Old Navy has khakis in multiple colors.

Mother Thou I Love (J-R Original)

Today I rise in thought of a woman
that doesnt always get what she deserves
A heart that gives
love I never have to earn
Unconditionally I stand for her
Unconditionally I am for her, regardless
the quarrels Ive had with her
Simply put she's beautiful
The years havent done her worth justice
Endurer of pain, giver of love--I laugh at our moments together
Mother thou I love
Her eyes hold years of tears
Her mouth, years of select words
Her face years of smiles
The strongest womans strength
is in what she chooses not to say
Smiling through
Uphill battles come and go
Mother thou I love
Her stories are my blueprint
Lessons of an old world
She keeps me wise in rights and wrongs
Root to my existence
Mother thou I love
Happy Mothers Day to you

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo: I Be's In The Trap

Need a study break? Just got off work? Want to get out tonight?
If you're in the San Antonio area come out and enjoy good music, great drinks and good food. Ojos Locos Sports Cantina brings the action to you with an outdoor projector for tonights biggest games and fight, MAYWEATHER VS COTTO!
Dj Louisianimal(partyboydjSA affiliated) keeps it popping with his "straight from the boot style" on the 1s and 2s throughout the night, making all in ears reach nod in approval, always willing to take requests, he holds an endless genre of music and isnt scared to use it to the fullest--r&b, old school hip hop, soul, tejano, reggaeton, rap, if you want to hear it...Dj Louisianimal has it!!
$3 beers, $1 tacos, tamales outdoors--dos ritas, patron margaritas, beer towers and much more inside. TONIGHT at Ojos Locos Sports Cantina. Come out and enjoy the festivities!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Will You Presevere?

Like anything desired, a moment of inner fight is at hand; the last fight before giving up; the last alternative before saying fuck it--presevere I say! Presevere! A large part of the population have become accustomed to quick searches and fast results--a one route clicking process.

I come to the realization that the things most important arent simply a click away and  the best opportunity can quickly become covered in the worst of luck; one thing after another, your worst nightmare. Even so, there is a level of character in some on the up and coming that keeps them going, it are those who preservere that go from the up and coming to the up and up. Its a big risk to lean out into the world on your dreams, on your visions, on your creations--a risk everyone wont take, an opportunity some will let slip by.

Walk with positive energy, reap positive energy; preseverance is possible alone, but it flourishes in numbers. Opportunities are taken alone everyday, but the courage to do so emerges out of the support of another, even if its just one other--that one other makes a difference, from the grave or living, one heart of support goes a long way. Take the opportunities. Presevere. Dont let the possibility of mistakes turn you away from what can be