Monday, March 5, 2012

Is Education Important?

Education plays a vast part in understanding the past. Most know the cliche that history repeats itself, but the masses who’s survival relies on understanding the impact of historical event don’t know their own history. Its not simply getting educated, but getting educated correctly. Meaning, finding the whole truth of the half truths told and knowing what to question, what to absorb and what to filter out.

“Who knows but that on the lower frequencies, I speak for you?”
Who understands but the minority, I’ll tell your story for you?
And indeed the narrarator in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man does speak for us in “an autobigraphical chronicle of personal catastrophe expressed lyrically,” he speaks for us and how could we not understand? Living the Southern experience, as Ellison calls it, I’ve seen many shifts in the environment. One shift that will re-occur is migration of people.
Movement of people causes diversity. Not just migration of blacks, but races from other countries. Movement of such intensity leaves minimal structure to abide by if that structure was based on a two race format. Without structure occurs chaos and as chaos arises people have to do things to cope.
Now ask yourself if the riots that occured during civil rights movement are any different than those being broadcasted on news today. The underlying motive of both times were to change something that existed or create something in order to create change during a time when decisions had gotten to a point of no longer being in the peoples hands but in the politicians hands.