Friday, April 13, 2012

Give Me Five On The Black Hand Side (J-R Original)

Give me five on the black hand side; a power movement
of self pride. You are Wo-man. You are Man
May your bosom spread like wings, Mother Nature; to nourish and feed the world we roam
May your broad shoulders open the curtains to security of the one’s you love
Vivacious nectar like rainfall to Zion
God’s selected angels in nubian smooth skin; vitamin D flourished; sun protected---survival
of the fittest, May your working hands reap noble and humble to your seeds
Deep rooted to the enchanted; African, Egyptian, Carribbean descendants. Nefertiti
in my eyes; bloodline thick in gold-jade from that of an appletree, growing bittersweet whispers
of knowledge. See the apples fall; gravity.

Give me five on the black hand side; acceptance and recognition of the out hand side---discover you embrace; history you unfold; Am is revealed
Kill two birds; Jim Crow, with one stone; the mind---let your tongue tell stories of the truth
Earthquake fire from the universe. Band strong together, stand tall together; to build a better captain planet of living because the world we live in shows no remorse, disregard 
goes out the window of those who abuse authority so fear must go out of ours; out the window, falling to its doom.
Dead on the floor of the fabric of America; racism, we stand in your face and pull the trigger; click
clack pow, for Trayvon, Emmett Till, the found and the unfound; masses drink knowledge, forever quenched, tired of the injustice

Five, five, five, just five on the black hand side. I put my hand out to you, outer side up. Keep it smooth like the old school side; black power and love of the 70s A generation culturally recognizing its place in the universe. More than men and women, royalty of another realm—hear them cheer in African tribal circles, Jaa love to the spirits, hearing stories of the wise around the fire; let conscious life beseech you

Give me five on the black hand side

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