Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wine and Candlelight (J-R Original)

Take a wine and candlelight endeavor; a flickering spotlight across the plains of your cerebellum. Aroma seeps; oozes; intertwines into the temporal. In this stand of time let your creative juices flow and see where the vibrant sparks take you; let your guard down and see where innovation leads you; see where you go. Everyone’s creative lane takes them into their own paradise of fixation; a secret resort behind your eyelids---breathe, take it in and let it go. Out into the universe, let your heart hang open to life’s courses of instruction, producing  the potential you hold; the positive energy you are spilling over. Spilling over in positive energy to fulfill a destiny; fulfill a yearning for the impossible; a craving to do the unthinkable in our lives: achieve the things we feared we couldn’t. No longer burdened by heavy past, let not the eyes and minds of others halt your aspirations or dishevel your motivations. They know not what you attain to achieve.

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