Sunday, May 13, 2012

At Home Mani-Pedi Maintance

At Home Mani-Pedi Maintenance

Going to the nail shop can get costly sometimes. Outside of the money spent, sets and fills can be damaging to the nail itself. When my pockets need to take a break from nail shops I have a routine that help keep my nails and skin healthy and smooth.

1. Primp and Polish with Studio 35 4-Way Buffer

Even out, smooth, shine and buff nails all in one --- all the things you go to the nail shop for in the convenience of your home! A 4-way buffer is especially good for when you're taking off artificial nails or simply cutting down outgrown nails.

2. Exfoliate and Smoothen Out with Body Scrubs

I absolutely love body scrubs, even more so I absolutely love Body Shop Body Scrubs; Bath & Body Works has good scrubs, but their texture is different. After fixing the nails, quick and easy ways to tend to dry or rough skin are body scrubs.

Brazil Nut and Mango are my two choices for body scrubs. Within the context of manicure and pedicure, a small amount of body scrub on hands and feet will exfoliate and soften. If you have time or need a good moment of relaxation, make it a full spa treatment by indulging in a full body scrub before proceeding with your mani-pedi.

3. Soften Up with Body Butters

Lock in moisture with a body butter. Body butter soften the roughest skin and leaves a light hint of the many varieties it holds. Regardless of the misconceptions of hemp products there are many benefits to them. Hemp Body Butter is a natural antioxidant and sun blocker. Actual hemp seed oil itself resembles skin lipids, which are important in lubricating surfaces(i.e skin), alleviating skin conditions like acne and eczema.
 I switch back and forth between Hemp Body Butter and Almond Body Butter, at the moment into the Almond. Almond Body Butter makes the skin smooth and tender and prevents premature appearance of wrinkles. Whatever your pick your skin and nails will look as fresh as if you walked out of the nail shop.

4. Protect with Acrylic Top Coat

         Because nail polish done at home typically doesn't last as long as nail color done in a shop, Sally's Acrylic Top Coat clear polish is convenient and allows your nails to take a break but still look taken care of at the same time. Acrylic Top Coat helps at home pedicure nail color last weeks more than normal.

Mango Motherland (J-R Original)


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Mango Motherland
Joycelyn Renette

Succulent and sweet am I, delectable to the taste; tender to the touch
Mango motherland ain't I, flavorsome in faith, mellow in maturity
Soft flesh, ripe of rich radiance in earthly substance
Mango---Queen of fruits. Feminity at it's finest, eat up. Be nourished
from the mango tree; center of longevity

Your counterpart is more than mere person. Counterpart is energy. The eyes
woken to shape the energy possessed. Essence of the ambrosial Goddess
the phenomenal woman, seeps deep into her King's veins
morning kisses and fire embraces, vibrant energy attracts vibrant energy, motivation attracts success, forever love attracts forever love. An uplifting foundation, sturdy tolerably than crumbling

Succulent and sweet am I
Mango Motherland ain't I, that which holds the origin
King and Queen meet at the mango tree
Foundationary, growing rooted and heartfelt among the days of rainfall. See love fall
washing over the surface of endearment drenching two souls in love of a plenary type

Sweet subtleties of the mango allure the soul beyond the bounds of fathom
Exquisiteness of divine vivacity
Intimacy of being in comfort, entices the soul of love once thought intangible

Her mango motherland moves mountains to the highest flight

5 Summer Fashion Must Haves

    1. Spice Things Up!!
Whether you're heading to the beach, socializing or going to a family function, any time is the perfect time to show your individuality. Accent pieces like hats and shades are the match for summer fun in the sun! Ladies can keep cool in a cute fedora and guys can hang tough in a snapback. Block the stares with a fresh pair of retro sunglasses.

Night out on the town? --- a one of a kind or bright colored watch adds sleek, sophistication sure to make you stand out or get chose( if that's what you're looking for).

    2. Peace & Love
The hippie and indie chick are in with floral and exotic prints to show!! Coordinate these pretty pastels and cherry blossoms with neutral tone colors to get the “mother nature” look many are going for. Guys don't feel excluded --- v-necks work well with most styles, but they work especially well for the cool, casual dude and wood stock guy. Throw on a pair of toms and you're good to go!!

Fellas, don't fear the pastel colors; step out of the box --- dare to be different!!

    3. Straight Out The Boombox

The 80s and 90s nostalgia isn't going away anytime soon. In the height of chaos, society dwells on moments of happier times. For the past few years there's been a rising interest and love for all things retro, all things old school: high top pants, high top shoes, “I am Nerd” glasses, skinny jeans and everything in between.

Keep these retro looks fresh by incorporating color blocking; matching an abstract pattern with a solid color from the pattern. Male or female you'll be sure to make a statement.
  1. 4. Blast From the Past

Think The Great Debaters meets Pleasantville--- vintage and scholarly with a snazzy, upbeat fashion sense. Three quarter blazers, button up shirts and blouses, with bow-ties and semi formal pants or shorts is a definite blast from the past. Show who you are by sporting a unique pair of kicks or flats. Great for a busy day; fit for school, work or dinner out. Andre 3000 comes to mind when thinking of someone who has perfected such an ensemble.

High waisted bottoms are a girls best friend for this particular style. A mixture of trends is seen in the Grease meets House party style --- think Tbirds meets Kid n Play, Pink ladies meet The Fly Girls, the point where 70s and 80s merge.

  1. Khakis! Khakis! Khakis!
Khaki pants and shorts are necessary all year round, but they are a must have for the summer. Khakis give any outfit a crisp look. For the male who dares to be different, Old Navy has khakis in multiple colors.

Mother Thou I Love (J-R Original)

Today I rise in thought of a woman
that doesnt always get what she deserves
A heart that gives
love I never have to earn
Unconditionally I stand for her
Unconditionally I am for her, regardless
the quarrels Ive had with her
Simply put she's beautiful
The years havent done her worth justice
Endurer of pain, giver of love--I laugh at our moments together
Mother thou I love
Her eyes hold years of tears
Her mouth, years of select words
Her face years of smiles
The strongest womans strength
is in what she chooses not to say
Smiling through
Uphill battles come and go
Mother thou I love
Her stories are my blueprint
Lessons of an old world
She keeps me wise in rights and wrongs
Root to my existence
Mother thou I love
Happy Mothers Day to you

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo: I Be's In The Trap

Need a study break? Just got off work? Want to get out tonight?
If you're in the San Antonio area come out and enjoy good music, great drinks and good food. Ojos Locos Sports Cantina brings the action to you with an outdoor projector for tonights biggest games and fight, MAYWEATHER VS COTTO!
Dj Louisianimal(partyboydjSA affiliated) keeps it popping with his "straight from the boot style" on the 1s and 2s throughout the night, making all in ears reach nod in approval, always willing to take requests, he holds an endless genre of music and isnt scared to use it to the fullest--r&b, old school hip hop, soul, tejano, reggaeton, rap, if you want to hear it...Dj Louisianimal has it!!
$3 beers, $1 tacos, tamales outdoors--dos ritas, patron margaritas, beer towers and much more inside. TONIGHT at Ojos Locos Sports Cantina. Come out and enjoy the festivities!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Will You Presevere?

Like anything desired, a moment of inner fight is at hand; the last fight before giving up; the last alternative before saying fuck it--presevere I say! Presevere! A large part of the population have become accustomed to quick searches and fast results--a one route clicking process.

I come to the realization that the things most important arent simply a click away and  the best opportunity can quickly become covered in the worst of luck; one thing after another, your worst nightmare. Even so, there is a level of character in some on the up and coming that keeps them going, it are those who preservere that go from the up and coming to the up and up. Its a big risk to lean out into the world on your dreams, on your visions, on your creations--a risk everyone wont take, an opportunity some will let slip by.

Walk with positive energy, reap positive energy; preseverance is possible alone, but it flourishes in numbers. Opportunities are taken alone everyday, but the courage to do so emerges out of the support of another, even if its just one other--that one other makes a difference, from the grave or living, one heart of support goes a long way. Take the opportunities. Presevere. Dont let the possibility of mistakes turn you away from what can be