Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 Summer Fashion Must Haves

    1. Spice Things Up!!
Whether you're heading to the beach, socializing or going to a family function, any time is the perfect time to show your individuality. Accent pieces like hats and shades are the match for summer fun in the sun! Ladies can keep cool in a cute fedora and guys can hang tough in a snapback. Block the stares with a fresh pair of retro sunglasses.

Night out on the town? --- a one of a kind or bright colored watch adds sleek, sophistication sure to make you stand out or get chose( if that's what you're looking for).

    2. Peace & Love
The hippie and indie chick are in with floral and exotic prints to show!! Coordinate these pretty pastels and cherry blossoms with neutral tone colors to get the “mother nature” look many are going for. Guys don't feel excluded --- v-necks work well with most styles, but they work especially well for the cool, casual dude and wood stock guy. Throw on a pair of toms and you're good to go!!

Fellas, don't fear the pastel colors; step out of the box --- dare to be different!!

    3. Straight Out The Boombox

The 80s and 90s nostalgia isn't going away anytime soon. In the height of chaos, society dwells on moments of happier times. For the past few years there's been a rising interest and love for all things retro, all things old school: high top pants, high top shoes, “I am Nerd” glasses, skinny jeans and everything in between.

Keep these retro looks fresh by incorporating color blocking; matching an abstract pattern with a solid color from the pattern. Male or female you'll be sure to make a statement.
  1. 4. Blast From the Past

Think The Great Debaters meets Pleasantville--- vintage and scholarly with a snazzy, upbeat fashion sense. Three quarter blazers, button up shirts and blouses, with bow-ties and semi formal pants or shorts is a definite blast from the past. Show who you are by sporting a unique pair of kicks or flats. Great for a busy day; fit for school, work or dinner out. Andre 3000 comes to mind when thinking of someone who has perfected such an ensemble.

High waisted bottoms are a girls best friend for this particular style. A mixture of trends is seen in the Grease meets House party style --- think Tbirds meets Kid n Play, Pink ladies meet The Fly Girls, the point where 70s and 80s merge.

  1. Khakis! Khakis! Khakis!
Khaki pants and shorts are necessary all year round, but they are a must have for the summer. Khakis give any outfit a crisp look. For the male who dares to be different, Old Navy has khakis in multiple colors.

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