Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mango Motherland (J-R Original)


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Mango Motherland
Joycelyn Renette

Succulent and sweet am I, delectable to the taste; tender to the touch
Mango motherland ain't I, flavorsome in faith, mellow in maturity
Soft flesh, ripe of rich radiance in earthly substance
Mango---Queen of fruits. Feminity at it's finest, eat up. Be nourished
from the mango tree; center of longevity

Your counterpart is more than mere person. Counterpart is energy. The eyes
woken to shape the energy possessed. Essence of the ambrosial Goddess
the phenomenal woman, seeps deep into her King's veins
morning kisses and fire embraces, vibrant energy attracts vibrant energy, motivation attracts success, forever love attracts forever love. An uplifting foundation, sturdy tolerably than crumbling

Succulent and sweet am I
Mango Motherland ain't I, that which holds the origin
King and Queen meet at the mango tree
Foundationary, growing rooted and heartfelt among the days of rainfall. See love fall
washing over the surface of endearment drenching two souls in love of a plenary type

Sweet subtleties of the mango allure the soul beyond the bounds of fathom
Exquisiteness of divine vivacity
Intimacy of being in comfort, entices the soul of love once thought intangible

Her mango motherland moves mountains to the highest flight

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