Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Thou I Love (J-R Original)

Today I rise in thought of a woman
that doesnt always get what she deserves
A heart that gives
love I never have to earn
Unconditionally I stand for her
Unconditionally I am for her, regardless
the quarrels Ive had with her
Simply put she's beautiful
The years havent done her worth justice
Endurer of pain, giver of love--I laugh at our moments together
Mother thou I love
Her eyes hold years of tears
Her mouth, years of select words
Her face years of smiles
The strongest womans strength
is in what she chooses not to say
Smiling through
Uphill battles come and go
Mother thou I love
Her stories are my blueprint
Lessons of an old world
She keeps me wise in rights and wrongs
Root to my existence
Mother thou I love
Happy Mothers Day to you

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