Friday, May 4, 2012

Will You Presevere?

Like anything desired, a moment of inner fight is at hand; the last fight before giving up; the last alternative before saying fuck it--presevere I say! Presevere! A large part of the population have become accustomed to quick searches and fast results--a one route clicking process.

I come to the realization that the things most important arent simply a click away and  the best opportunity can quickly become covered in the worst of luck; one thing after another, your worst nightmare. Even so, there is a level of character in some on the up and coming that keeps them going, it are those who preservere that go from the up and coming to the up and up. Its a big risk to lean out into the world on your dreams, on your visions, on your creations--a risk everyone wont take, an opportunity some will let slip by.

Walk with positive energy, reap positive energy; preseverance is possible alone, but it flourishes in numbers. Opportunities are taken alone everyday, but the courage to do so emerges out of the support of another, even if its just one other--that one other makes a difference, from the grave or living, one heart of support goes a long way. Take the opportunities. Presevere. Dont let the possibility of mistakes turn you away from what can be

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