Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Butter 'N Bacon Keeping Austin Weird

   Fashion is universal. Places have different symbolism and different execution of expression, but the umbrella it all stands under is fashion and the creativity in it. Zachery Stover sees the rich substance in creativity and I dig it at Butter N’ Bacon, a swagged out clothing and artwork boutique in Austin, Tx. As a poet I love random t-shirts with humorous logic to them and Butter N’ Bacon creates just those t-shirts. Connecting history and art, the Oscar Gamble Shirt caught my attention the most. The Greeting From Austin Shirt is a shirt I could rock any time of the day, pair it with some cute jeans during the day or a tight color blocking skirt for the night life. Still under construction I’ll be scoping Butter N” Bacon for sure. Most definitely a place to stop by if ever checking the Austin scene.
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