Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ray "Rei" Alvarez: A Mural Master

               Since I was young I’ve always love art. I thank my art teacher Kerri Curtis for influencing me so much in elementary school, taking students to art museums, opening our minds to the world of art skill. My youth runs with me today as one of the things I still do is search for art and write my feelings on it. I don’t make it to many art gallery events as I would like, but it doesn’t stop me from discovering new artists.
            I was looking up some things on Gallery 77, a fresh art and clothing boutique, when I came across a blog article on a mural Rei Alvarez did on the walls of Gallery 77. The mural was dope; a contemporary portrayal of a longhorn, perfect for any Austin boutique.  Looking further I found out why the mural was so dope—not to be confused with any other artist Ray “Rei” Alvarez is an artistic genius with a retro vision incorporated in many of his works. Specializing in murals Alvarez has done many exclusive projects beyond the canvas. Forever a music junkie I love seeing music and art in one, his Pink Floyd themed backdrop for a party last august and the live painting session during Texas Relays 2011 took me back to high school track days.


A founder of All City Branding, Ray’s creative impulses and cultural wisdoms take him from his birthplace of Spain to the southern comforts of Texas. Best believe I’ll be on the lookout for new art pieces from Rei and other graffiti artists in affiliation. Check out to see Rei’s artwork exclusively.


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