Friday, June 22, 2012

Heading Out?

Tell me if this scenario sounds right---you’re getting a little older so your enjoyments are different, what you do in a club has changed, so you get grown woman dolled up or grown man fresh only to go to a shindig where girls are taking their heels off so they can “twerk” and dudes are amped up left and right ready to fight. Time and time again I’ve seen it and    I’m sure I’m not the only one too through with the stereotypical club scene experience.

Finally Famous Fridays

For those out on the town not sure where to go for a good time, Franco’s Lounge is the spot if you’re looking to kick back, enjoy some good drinks and groove like the grown folks you are with Dj Lousianimal bringing the tunes. Playing a little bit of everything, from all eras, don’t be surprised if Dj Louisianimal music takes you down memory lane on Finally Famous Fridays. With great drink specials and pizza served all night, COME OUT & ENJOY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Every Friday be part of Franco’s Dance Party Weekend
 “Finally Famous Fridays” with DJ Louisianimal

Photos courtesy of and DJ Louisianimal(find him on twitter @Dj_louisianimal)

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