Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tattoo Parties

                 I fell in love with reading and writing from the beginning, sitting around creating stories to my surroundings ---poetry was born from that, but shortly after art became my mistress. Art wasn’t scared to go beyond the boundaries, there weren’t always lines to stay in; I could draw and write what I saw and I was amused by that. I don’t draw as often as I used to.  The creativity still runs as I find myself up drawing on timeless nights the visions behind my eyes of tattoos I want to get in life.

                Tattoos are a type of art; the body is the canvas and only a certain individual has the courage to be that canvas. Tats possess their own swag, “skin swag” I like to call it; a tattoo of the right spot can make a woman seductive, a man enticing. The universal and godly beauty of tattoos is the power they have to bring people from all likes together. A simple, “what’s your tattoo mean?” could become an intriguing conversation.

                I’ve never had the experience of attending a tattoo party but I’d imagine it being an epic atmosphere of creativity and fresh swag. I won’t have a chance to attend this one either, but if you’re in the Dallas area definitely check it out, with 3 LUCKY PEOPLE getting a CHANCE TO WIN A TATTOO!

Photo courtesy of @iKayKing

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