Thursday, August 16, 2012

When I Read

When I read I read with patience, not because the act of reading is tedious, but for God to lift the words off the page needed to speak to my soul, my heart, my conscience. Eye enjoy the act of revelation; revealing epiphany --- yes Eye, as in The Third Eye; tap into the pages black gold. Increase energy, increase spirit, increase existence: that is what flipping through pages of knowledge does. Page for page, thought for thought, connections of the mind rapped around words unravels life’s lessons and society’s mistakes. I pull chairs away from tables and read under trees, lucky ladybugs surround me while walking bodies stare and laugh past, saying to themselves “a black girl reading a book? Under a tree? Admiring ladybugs? Where they do that at?” My soul is where they do that at. The marvel lies in the observation that while bodies walk past snickering others step forward and ask, “What are you doing? What are you reading?” ---in that moment Eye, yes Eye as in The Third Eye, get to share with them something they may not know.

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