Monday, November 12, 2012

Team Next- Intro (NWO Mixtape)

Austin, Texas local artists of Team Next ---known separately as T.A., Youngin, Llyrik and Cease --- show their individual lyricism in the intro of their latest mixtape N.W.O. With an old school feeling of earlier times when rappers were called emcees and verses were filled with bars of black power and social issues instead of commercialism, each artists spits something unique within a symbolic video filled with message after message --- the burning confederate flag being my fav. Shot by Grind Life, the video itself is compilated well and fits the song like a snapback fits its purchaser. Not only does each artist spit their individual charisma, they each hold their own, confidently, in their own fashion styles.

Check it out for yourselves

The Dead Mule: Online Literary Magazine

At the beginning of October four of my poems were published to The Dead Mule online literary magazine. The Dead Mule was one of the first lit magazines I submitted for and they accepted all four. Follow the link below and you will find my name and poetry among many other skilled poets and writers. Be sure to read my Southern Legitimacy Statement as well, it's quite powerful and shows personal perspectives of the south.