Monday, September 2, 2013

Alesia Lani: Soulful Sultry

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             After a two year hiatus, Soul singer, Alesia Lani is taking Austin, Texas by storm. With recent shows such as Live Life Luxury Benefit Show and Karma Jonze No False Idols Tour, it surprises me that more people don't know who Alesia Lani is. Listening to her melodic delivery of neo soul edge on tracks like "Hennessy X Coke" -- a feature with the phenomenal hip hop artist PeaCe -- "Vibe & Roll" and "Palm Trees", Alesia Lani's voice captivates with crazy coolness. 

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           Produced by Icky Woods(@IckyWoodz), engineered by PeaCe(@pcstp),  Alesia Lani recently released her sultry single "Sunshine" from her upcoming EP First Impression. A blend of jazz and soul -- Sunshine is a straight neo soul, old school hip hop production filled with acoustics. Lines like “you’re my sunshine, even though you look good in the moonlight” are symbolic of the deep bond between man and woman, symbolic of a woman’s love for her counterpart, describing an energy people search for their whole lives. Written and vocally arranged by Alesia herself, Alesia Lani gives a dope first impression of what's in store on her upcoming EP.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

UTSA Burger at Sonic?

School pride is on the rise in San Antonio. In the last couple years the University of Texas at San Antonio(UTSA) has had a lot of upgrades and improvements, a new football team -- which naturally comes with its own amenities; football field, gym equipment upgrades at the recreation center -- more parking lots, a renovated library, more housing, UTSA even became smoke free this summer. Each year the number of students enrolling at University of Texas at San Antonio has increased and school spirit is increasing with them.

How far can school spirit go? Can school spirit be shown between the buns of a burger? Sonic franchise answers with the UTSA Burger or what I like to call The Rowdy Roadrunner – brisket, barbeque sauce, onions and pickles, atop a meat patty, between an edible UTSA logo stamped bun. With hundreds of drink specials and great happy hour deals, a UTSA burger, from Sonic, on game day will surely become a good luck ritual for many fans and students. Head to your nearest Sonic for a kick of Texas style taste to kick off the season. 

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Team Next - Back on Deck

             Many people are skilled and talented, but even the hardest working individuals will get slept on or bypassed for someone with less potential or better gimmick. Even so, more props go to artists who stay on the real and raw path. Give respect where respect is due and Team Next deserves it.

Alluding to southern traditions – a water jug meticulously hanging from an old oak tree like mental freedom hangs from the branches of society, theatrical white face paint of the invisible man Ralph Ellison once wrote about; the man who speaks for the people on the lower frequencies – Team Next uses powerful imagery as the force behind their word play. More of a mini movie than a typical music video, T.A. takes center stage, delivering fresh lyricism with metaphorical undertones.

The notion of being back on deck is the idea of being back in the game. Never actually having left the music game, Team Next is back in the game with a different delivery, going beyond pleasing everybody, beyond gimmicks, beyond mainstream, with a rawer message – I’m back on deck; the ace coming for all you lower level jokers.

                With the NEXTing energy of Cease, Llyrik and Youngin , in addition to T Dot’s fire bars, Back on Deck is a showcase of raw underground music. Back on Deck was produced by Leonitus(@DaReal_Leonitis). Visit for more music and videos. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Maat & Human Communication via Molefi Kete Asante

On one of my usual journeys of knowledge and understanding, I came across an essay written by Molefi Kete Asante, during his time at Temple University, entitled Matt and Human Communication: Supporting Identity, Culture, Identity and History Without Global Domination.

The essay speaks, in elaboration, of the value of communication within the ancient African spiritual context. Within the essay is an excerpt from Sebayet, the Wisdom by Ptahhotep that describes the act of seeking common good.

Sebayet by Ptahhotep(EXCERPT)

If good deeds are done by one who leads
He will be well established forever.
And all his wisdom will endure for eternity.
The wise nourishes his Ba [soul] with that which endures So that it is well with him on earth.
The wise is known by his wisdom,
A noble person by his good deeds.
His heart is in harmony with his tongue.
His lips are accurate when he speaks.
He sees rightly through his eyes.
His ears are pleased to hear what is useful for his children. He does Maat and is free from falsehood.

Now the fool who does not listen
He can do nothing at all
He sees knowledge in ignorance,
And that which is beneficial as that which is harmful. He does everything which is hateful
So that people blame him every day.
He lives on that by which one dies.
His food is the distortion of speech.
His character is this respect is known to the officials As a living death each day.
People overlook his deeds because of his many problems.

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