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Established in 2011, Above The Ruckus is a movement to uplift through writing, creative expression, cultural history and holistic healing arts. Above The Ruckus is built on the foundation of honoring your ancestors with the skills given. In ancient times the letter G symbolized creative power. Skills of creativity were once seen as talents of divine beings; individuals with an enlightened sense of creative power. An individual above the ruckus is a seeker of knowledge, discovery and consciousness.

As nostalgia has it pinned, trends of past decades are on the rise; hippy love and black pride of 60s and 70s, retro fresh style of the 80s and 90s, as well as vintage couture of the roaring 20s, are becoming more influential. Above The Ruckus brings creative impulses of individuals worldwide together, uniting and utilizing the power of social change that creativity possesses, while also bringing attention to health and civil issues of the community. 


Above The Ruckus is based on four principles: staying above the noise of society, staying connected to the universe, embodying the love and light of creativity, and embracing energy; inner G, inner creative power. Society has its opinions, but only you know your worth.

Focusing on the pleasure and appeal of creative expression in popular culture, Above The Ruckus advocates to show the emotional wellness benefits of creativity, such as higher self-esteem, perseverance, healthier choices, confidence, cultural pride and critical thinking.


Above The Ruckus showcases the talents of creative minded souls taking paths of musicianship, artistry, literacy, cultural awareness, fashion and optimal wellness. From bios to reviews, whether a physical piece of work or an upcoming event, I want the world to see your creative power at its best!


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Stay Creative Folks!!
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Sisters With A Grind

If you aren't familiar with Haus of Swag, the clothing line is worth a look at. Haus of Swag, a clothing line created for "Sisters With A Grind", is a clever mix of pop art and fashion.

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Make a statement at any occasion. An eye catching, neon, "Curl Power" shirt on a spring day. An afro wearing Goddess, strutting to a party or dinner, wearing a blazer over an "Ill Hair Society" shirt. These shirts will definitely get you compliments. 

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The "Ladies First" shirt, a tribute to the legendary females of hip hop, is the design that definitely shows sisters with a grind. Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, Mia X, and many more, become the visual, flyness of a soulful afro. 

Which shirt is your favorite?

To see more clothing from Haus of Swag go to

Gyasi Clothing Exclusive

     Considered a Yoruba prince back home, culture is important to the progression of the black community for Dakari Thurmon. Gyasi meaning wonderful one in Swahili, illustrates the creative power behind Gyasi Clothing --- getting back to our roots.

"Gyasi Clothing is about bringing culture into fashion. As a culture we're lost. [Most] rappers out here promoting drugs and self-destructive stuff, but not speaking about our roots. That's why I listen to conscious rappers like Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def --- they rap about issues worth listening to." 

       Majority of the youth do not know their history outside of slavery and the common examples, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington.  There is nothing wrong with these examples. Much can be learned from them, but the black conscious community must gain knowledge beyond the "accepted" black history.  In order to break the stereotypes given to the black community, they must see, hear and read positive messages of all types.

"I pay more attention to the inventors. That's our biggest downfall, especially to our youth, not telling them where we come from. Our ancestors deserve our respect, and as the black community tries to grow we need to know who came before us." 

To see what's coming soon from Gyasi Clothing find them on Instagram(@gyasiclothing) and check out

Domestic DEEVAH Home Decor

      Domestic DEEVAH brings sexy back to any table with radiant red and passion purple, lace fabric coasters. Paired with a couple of wine glasses, 'Love Laced' coasters make a great wedding gift or addition to a romantic, candlelit dinner. I recently won a black history month contest and one of my prizes was a pair of 'Love Laced' coasters. The variety of textures on the coaster -- sexy fabric lace top, stainless glass bottom, glitter painted ridges -- creates a vibrant mood.

      Diamond studded napkin rings. Abstract designed pillowcases. Domestic DEEVAH is a creative collection of handmade, home decor for the eclectic individual. Even better, Domestic DEEVAH products are made with natural materials. To see these authentic creations go to