Monday, March 24, 2014

Domestic DEEVAH Home Decor

      Domestic DEEVAH brings sexy back to any table with radiant red and passion purple, lace fabric coasters. Paired with a couple of wine glasses, 'Love Laced' coasters make a great wedding gift or addition to a romantic, candlelit dinner. I recently won a black history month contest and one of my prizes was a pair of 'Love Laced' coasters. The variety of textures on the coaster -- sexy fabric lace top, stainless glass bottom, glitter painted ridges -- creates a vibrant mood.

      Diamond studded napkin rings. Abstract designed pillowcases. Domestic DEEVAH is a creative collection of handmade, home decor for the eclectic individual. Even better, Domestic DEEVAH products are made with natural materials. To see these authentic creations go to

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