Thursday, April 17, 2014

A British Dancer You'll Never Forget

The creative power within this woman is phenomenal. At 80 years old she is truly living above the noise of society.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Sacred Space of Spiritual Growth

A safe haven of spiritual increase. A filter of positive vibrations. A sacred space is a place of purpose guided by thy ancestors. Individually, a sacred space can be a place of peace and clarity meant to help one tap into the gifts of their InnerG -- Inner God. For couples, a sacred space can be a sanctity of conflict resolution and communication when times aren't so blissful. One of the most common sacred spaces that not many realize is the shower. Water is a natural cleanser of negative energy or vibration. Starting from the feet, hands or top of the neck(closest to pineal gland area), lather your bodies with the intent of removing negative thinking or unblocking creative power. Fill your mind with the tranquil sound of the water, and as the water runs down your body visualize your worries going down the drain with it. Regardless the location or purpose, all sacred spaces should hold a foundation of meditation and self-assessment at its feet. 

2 Tone & Q Will: Beautiful Music 2

       Around the streets of Austin, Texas I constantly hear people say there are no true hip hop artist. That there are no artists that use soul, blues and old school hip hop elements in their music. As I sit and listen to Beautiful Music 2, I'd have to disagree. As poetic words begin to be delivered among a melodic beat the soul of  this album is evident from the start. Between 2 Tone and Q Will you can hear the old school influences verse for verse. The album cover says it all. Produced by Cory Kendrix, it's beautiful music through and through. 

SN: Pay close attention to the words of the poem in the intro. If you're wondering who the young lady is reciting the poem, tis I, Jaa Soul, the Loc'd Goddess of Creative Power!! Created exclusively for this album, that poem can not be found nor heard anywhere else. 

Chingy Breaks Down Knowledge of Self

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Chingy is asked about his current religious perspective and what seemed to start as a casual conversation became a moment of knowledge droppin' and controversy. The confidence in his innerstanding is undeniable.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Barz Damu & TrailBlazzor Muzik || Creative Power Exclusive

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         More so giving attention to and express who they are in essence, TrailBlazzor Muzik and Barz Damu, along with Cali Dream, communicate how the lack of self knowledge affects us in our present existence and the consequences of it. The twin emcee duo also edifies master teachers that go unrecognized from time to time such as Amos Wilson, Professor Griff, Umar Johnson -- just like Public Enemy did for Malcolm, Farrakhan and many others. Seeing themselves more so as poets than emcees, they are conscious lyricists delivering southern hip hop music. 

A Fly Minded Duo

JOYCELYN RENETTE(JR)): As twins, I'm sure you both are a lot alike, but very different. So who's the good twin and who's the bad twin? 

BARZ DAMU(BD): Lol! We get this question often! Well, it depends what your perception of bad is. My brother, TrailBlazzor Muzik, is more shoot from the hip with his words unapologetically. I tend to be more quiet, but when I do speak often times I come off intense and/or militant depending on the situation. My bro has more of a positive self-pride spirit, and I have more of a purest spirit. But we are both rebels so we are both bad lol!

JR: Considering myself as a Goddess, you can only imagine how hyped I was when I heard your new single "Goddess", off your upcoming tape NationLeaks. How did the song come about? 

BD: Goddess was inspired by a real good friend of mine. She has awakened to the spirit within her thanks to her graceful path of pain and openness to truth. She has also expressed that part of herself and as a evolving spirit myself, I wanted to show my appreciation of her exhibiting her higher self and also inspire and encourage her to further expand the Goddess from within her. And me wanting that from her, comes back to me wanting to continue expressing the God within me as well. Abstract huh? Lol but as a creative Goddess, I'm sure you understand.

JR: Yes indeed. As a Goddess Woman I feel a powerful essence at the core of my being aligned with the universe. There are times I feel this energy awakes energy in others as well, similiar to the exchange of enegery from your friend that causes you to want to tap into the God within you. So, what is a Goddess Woman to you? 

BD: The Goddess woman is the woman who expresses her core natural self. One that realizes her infinite potential and exercises it. The woman who moves in her own rhythm.

JR: What can folks expect on Fly Minds?

BD: Funky, gritty, intellectual, honest, audacious, and raw. It is both abstract AND straightforward, with a groovy southern vibe, yet far left compared to the common southern Hip Hop approach.

JR: Is there a literal meaning to Barz Damu?

BD: My Mother use to call me Barzee growing up. It was short for my "government" first name, which I will not share here lol. But my homie who makes beats that go by Dynamic Arrangement, advised that I go by Barz since it is associated with my nickname as well the fact that I spit bars. Damu is the middle name my father gave me which I fully embrace. Of course Damu means "blood" in the Swahili language which I wear as a representation for the blood of our people.

JR: What's the hardest thing about being an emcee? How does Barz Damu stand out from other emcees?

BD: I don't waste songs talking about BS. Period. The most challenging thing about being an emcee is mastering the ability to stay relevant yet authentic while appealing to the listener's ear. But what makes me stand out from other emcees is my daring experimentation. Because honestly I think way out the box and abstract so every song is experimental to me. I don't feel like an emcee but more like a poetic songwriter who happens to put together sick metaphors, double entendres and rebellious delivery from time to time. 

JR: Has pursuing a creative-based career helped you in any way, emotionally, spiritually or physically? 

BD: Tremendously for all three! It is all spiritual work for me. It allows me to get more in touch with myself and constructively express years of emotional build-up and radical thought. My music is really written to help me stay on my path. And due to our goals and visions, we are forced to stay in shape due to the high demand of effort that is necessary. BBall and jogging keeps our stamina up, lots of fruits, veggies, tea and water keep us clear and creative, along with yoga. I realized that when you follow your highest calling, it calls for optimum health in order to keep your body vibrating at a high frequency to align with higher dimensions of yourself. 

JR: What do you have to say on the condition of black culture?

BD: Hmm. Well all I really want to say is that with the disconnect from our identity thanks to the public school system's distortion of Black History and culture, our youth will not identify with the highest expression of Black Music, and Black Fashion will not be congruent with our current community. Racist institutions is the cause of it so as a people, we must tend to our identity, love ourselves truly, expose and become more independent of these institutions and help the coming generations live Above The Ruckus. 

       Goddess will be featured on the #NationLeaks tape which is a compilation of songs that have been released for extended family (fans) as they anticipate #FlyMinds. This tape will be released after #FlyMinds. For inquiries or booking info on Barz Damu and Trailblazzor Muzik contact 360 Nation Muzik at 

Rebel Heiress Clothing || Creative Power Exclusive

The Rebel Heiress Queen(center) and her models during Year of the Rebel(YOTR) photo shoot

    In a recent interview with Thierra Larea, the Designer of Rebel Heiress Clothing, I had the chance to find out her passion for fashion, how designing clothes saved her life, and so much more. Feeling like everything in her life was going completely wrong, she needed to do something that would allow her to take control of her life, to express who she was, and who she was afraid to be since a kid. It wasn't until the rebel heiress was face to face with adversity that she actually worked up the nerve to fully pursue fashion design. Not everyone has the courage to divulge the details of experiencing adversity. Those that choose to understand there is a lesson to be found in adversity. Those that have struggled know the peace and bliss that comes with persevering above the noise of society. The creative community thanks you, Rebel Heiress Queen, for letting us into your world. Several years later, and she now does advocacy for non-profit organizations in her community. 


         "I love being able to be creative minus the criticism of society. I guess essentially I want to inspire people, I want people to feel like they can be whoever they are! For me it's not about profit, if it was I would have quit a long time ago, I love what I do, and I want other people to feel confident to pursue their dreams despite the challenges."


         "Honestly, designing has been somewhat of a life saver for me. A lot of people don't know that I battle with depression and anxiety, but when I'm creating it's like I'm a whole other person. All the complications of life become exempt in that moment. My passion for designing clothes has been the only thing that's kept me afloat the last several years. Being able to look at a collection I created is one of the proudest moments for me and it literally puts a smile on my face."

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         "Rebel Heiress Clothing represents who I am as a person, a misfit, someone who is often misunderstood but very memorable. When people see my clothing, they won't all like it, but they will remember it, because it's unique. I chose the name Rebel Heiress because I believe that we are all royalty, not just the "cool kids" but the weirdos are just as special." 

         "As easy as it is for us to be critics, and point out the flaws in today's society, not many of us are willing to stand up and be part of the change. I would rather be one of those people that recognizes our faults as a community and begins rebuilding a foundation that our generation and those to follow can excel upon. Our youth need something to believe in, they need better role models, and teachers, and supporters. We can't just speak about a better tomorrow, we have to invest in a better tomorrow. That better tomorrow starts with our youth, it starts with us showing them how valuable they are, that they are the future. What we instill in them today effects our destiny."

Model wearing pieces from Year of the Rebel Collection


         " As a community we have to let go of resentment, and hostility, we have to shed the stereotypes so many of us have lived up to for decades and we have to choose to be a better people. The fact of the matter is we are a dying breed. We will all die one day, but why should the black community be the first to evaporate at the hands of gang violence, prison, police murders, and drugs? We need to change the way we view ourselves. If we stop believing what we see in the media, stop concerning ourselves with the tangible, and unite with one common goal in mind - to show our black boys and girls that success does not equal fame and riches - we can be what nobody ever thought we could! "

     Rebel Heiress Clothing is currently putting together their first swimwear collection which will be shown during a summer showcase in July. Royal Heiress will also be having a pop up shop in the summer and opening a showroom this fall in NYC. To stay in the loop follow them on Instagram @rebelheiressclothing and check out their website

DT Blanco: Flexa$: Welcome to Texa$

The winter weather isn't backing down. It's the beginning of April, Texas weather is still cold, but the music scene is on fire. It's been less than a week since $upreme $**t recording artist DT Blanco released the video to her new track "FLEXA$". She straight gassin' like it's nobody's business. DT Blanco shows out for Texas, creating a TURNT UP track made for the slab rider. Produced by Mister Mammoth, FLEXA$ is as supreme as it gets.