Saturday, April 12, 2014

2 Tone & Q Will: Beautiful Music 2

       Around the streets of Austin, Texas I constantly hear people say there are no true hip hop artist. That there are no artists that use soul, blues and old school hip hop elements in their music. As I sit and listen to Beautiful Music 2, I'd have to disagree. As poetic words begin to be delivered among a melodic beat the soul of  this album is evident from the start. Between 2 Tone and Q Will you can hear the old school influences verse for verse. The album cover says it all. Produced by Cory Kendrix, it's beautiful music through and through. 

SN: Pay close attention to the words of the poem in the intro. If you're wondering who the young lady is reciting the poem, tis I, Jaa Soul, the Loc'd Goddess of Creative Power!! Created exclusively for this album, that poem can not be found nor heard anywhere else. 

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