Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Sacred Space of Spiritual Growth

A safe haven of spiritual increase. A filter of positive vibrations. A sacred space is a place of purpose guided by thy ancestors. Individually, a sacred space can be a place of peace and clarity meant to help one tap into the gifts of their InnerG -- Inner God. For couples, a sacred space can be a sanctity of conflict resolution and communication when times aren't so blissful. One of the most common sacred spaces that not many realize is the shower. Water is a natural cleanser of negative energy or vibration. Starting from the feet, hands or top of the neck(closest to pineal gland area), lather your bodies with the intent of removing negative thinking or unblocking creative power. Fill your mind with the tranquil sound of the water, and as the water runs down your body visualize your worries going down the drain with it. Regardless the location or purpose, all sacred spaces should hold a foundation of meditation and self-assessment at its feet. 

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