Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rebel Heiress Clothing || Creative Power Exclusive

The Rebel Heiress Queen(center) and her models during Year of the Rebel(YOTR) photo shoot

    In a recent interview with Thierra Larea, the Designer of Rebel Heiress Clothing, I had the chance to find out her passion for fashion, how designing clothes saved her life, and so much more. Feeling like everything in her life was going completely wrong, she needed to do something that would allow her to take control of her life, to express who she was, and who she was afraid to be since a kid. It wasn't until the rebel heiress was face to face with adversity that she actually worked up the nerve to fully pursue fashion design. Not everyone has the courage to divulge the details of experiencing adversity. Those that choose to understand there is a lesson to be found in adversity. Those that have struggled know the peace and bliss that comes with persevering above the noise of society. The creative community thanks you, Rebel Heiress Queen, for letting us into your world. Several years later, and she now does advocacy for non-profit organizations in her community. 


         "I love being able to be creative minus the criticism of society. I guess essentially I want to inspire people, I want people to feel like they can be whoever they are! For me it's not about profit, if it was I would have quit a long time ago, I love what I do, and I want other people to feel confident to pursue their dreams despite the challenges."


         "Honestly, designing has been somewhat of a life saver for me. A lot of people don't know that I battle with depression and anxiety, but when I'm creating it's like I'm a whole other person. All the complications of life become exempt in that moment. My passion for designing clothes has been the only thing that's kept me afloat the last several years. Being able to look at a collection I created is one of the proudest moments for me and it literally puts a smile on my face."

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         "Rebel Heiress Clothing represents who I am as a person, a misfit, someone who is often misunderstood but very memorable. When people see my clothing, they won't all like it, but they will remember it, because it's unique. I chose the name Rebel Heiress because I believe that we are all royalty, not just the "cool kids" but the weirdos are just as special." 

         "As easy as it is for us to be critics, and point out the flaws in today's society, not many of us are willing to stand up and be part of the change. I would rather be one of those people that recognizes our faults as a community and begins rebuilding a foundation that our generation and those to follow can excel upon. Our youth need something to believe in, they need better role models, and teachers, and supporters. We can't just speak about a better tomorrow, we have to invest in a better tomorrow. That better tomorrow starts with our youth, it starts with us showing them how valuable they are, that they are the future. What we instill in them today effects our destiny."

Model wearing pieces from Year of the Rebel Collection


         " As a community we have to let go of resentment, and hostility, we have to shed the stereotypes so many of us have lived up to for decades and we have to choose to be a better people. The fact of the matter is we are a dying breed. We will all die one day, but why should the black community be the first to evaporate at the hands of gang violence, prison, police murders, and drugs? We need to change the way we view ourselves. If we stop believing what we see in the media, stop concerning ourselves with the tangible, and unite with one common goal in mind - to show our black boys and girls that success does not equal fame and riches - we can be what nobody ever thought we could! "

     Rebel Heiress Clothing is currently putting together their first swimwear collection which will be shown during a summer showcase in July. Royal Heiress will also be having a pop up shop in the summer and opening a showroom this fall in NYC. To stay in the loop follow them on Instagram @rebelheiressclothing and check out their website

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