Saturday, June 21, 2014

Austin's Very Own Weird City Hip Hop Festival

It’s finally here and right on time. Austin Mic Exchange launches Austin’s first Hip Hop Festival. All these years peeping festival after festival, event after event, wondering when Hip Hop’s turn would truly come in Austin, Texas. As the music capitol, Austin is saturated with individuals full of creative power; musicians, poets, artists, graffiti artists, dancers, Djs --- you name it we got it. There are so many artists out here trying to shine throughout these Austin streets, when will the spotlight shine on the hip hop scene?

That moment is now, as Austin Mic Exchange brings the never before. The Weird City Hip Hop Festival will hit the city over the head with cultural essence and musical finesse, September 26-28. I’m definitely not the only person excited for what’s in store. If hip hop runs through your veins you’ll be just as amped when you check out this video. Weird City Stand Up!!